Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Nick Clegg in the bog

On to the penultimate entry.


Towards its Northern reaches, the Bonkers Hall Estate opens out on to wild moorland. It is a desolate landscape of bog and heather, the haunt of red grouse, curlews and hamwees. Young Clegg is determined to go hiking there and, after giving him a stern warning about keeping to well-trodden paths, I wave him on his way.

Later, driving in the Bentley, I come upon him floundering in the mud. “I’ll send a man to pull you out,” I cry as I motor past and think no more of it. Later, as I am enjoying an Auld Johnston, that most prized of Highland malts, after dinner, a filthy figure staggers in through the French windows.

“You said you’d send someone to help me,” he sobs. “Sorry, old man,” I return, “that was an aspiration, not a commitment.”

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West, 1906-10.

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neil craig said...

We decided at the Nuremberg Trials that planning aggressive war & bombing civilians were war crimes & massacring, ethnic cleansing, genocide & mass kidnap & rape were crimes against humanity. There is no question that the LibDem leaders, without exception, enthusiastically supported an aggressive war against Yugoslavia conducted overwhelmingly by bombing civilians. That after the occupation of Kosovo they unanimously supported the Massacres, such as Dragodan where at least 210 civilians were murdered by our police, widespread genocide, the ethnic cleansing of at least 350,000 & the kidnap & sale to brothels of thousands, probably 10s of thousands of children. It gas since become public that the British government knew & thus party leaders who are Privy Councillors would have known, that our police kidnapped at at least 1,300 Serbs & dissected them while still alive to sell the parts to our hospitals.

There is clearly a prima faci case that all those involved, including all the leaders of the party, are personally guilty of these war crimes & crimes against humanity.It seems to me that this is a serious charge yet not only have all LibDem MP's refused to defend themselves in any fact based way* but neither has any
LibDem blogger & the party has made it a condition of membership that one support this genocide. Indeed most of them (listed here have also censored mention of the facts. It should be unnecessary to point out that censorship (& indeed genocide) is anathema to any real liberal.

I am therefore seeking to find if there is a single "Liberal Democrat" anywhere among the alleged 60,000 members who feels it is possible to dispute, in any factual way, the prima faci case that the entire party leadership are guilty of war crimes, genocide & worse crimes even Hitler didn't match in the Nazi cause. Alternately is there any single party member who disproves of such atrocities 7 supports the application of the rule of law to such people.

* The sole person to have been publicly willing to defend the party is Baroness Shirley Williams who admitted that we had done such things but that it was alright because "Milosevic did the same". She supported that allegation by stating that she personally had seen Yugoslav police carrying out the same atrocities as our police when she visited Belgrade in 1995. While I have to accept this as representing the absolute pinnacle of honesty of which she is capable nobody else has seen this & all other sources say that the fighting in Kosovo took place in Kosovo in 1998/9. When asked to give details of these alleged acts she has repeatedly refused. I'm afraid before accepting that there is any truth in her words I would have to see independent evidence.

crewegwyn said...

Well, thank you for that interesting contribution Mr Craig. You have either unearthed a major scandal or your behaviour reflects the name of our aristocratic host.

To whom I say thank you for a very witty observation.

neil craig said...

Hardly unearthed as any checking round the blogsphere will prove. Merely that I am willing to discuss something that those in power would rather not. As you will find if you mention it indeed read any other "Liberal Democrat" blogs. In the same way Auschwitz wasn't considered a subject for polite converstion by their wartime politicians.

dreamingspire said...

I'm not a Member of the LDs, and this isn't a blog for LD Members, so why, Mr Craig, appeal to LD Members through it (and generate a waste of electrons as we display your polemic)?
Meanwhile Lord B is out of date, although I doubt that that will worry a member of the aristocracy: we are into visions now, not aspirations. Rather it is our very civil servants, not us serfs, who are into visions, so I wonder if M'Lord has managed to spike the drinks of Her Majesty's always civil servants.

neil craig said...

You should complain to the LibDem bloglist on this, not me, since your site appears there repeatedly.