Friday, September 18, 2009

When the Beatles played Tenbury Wells

It's some time since we had a story from the Shropshire Star, so let's enjoy a little pop history:

They were hurtling towards number one in the pop charts and starting to generate the kind of hysteria that would make young girls and boys scream like jet planes.

It was at this moment that Tenbury Wells woman Pat Lambert sat down for supper with The Beatles.

The date was April 15, 1963, the day the Fab Four came to Tenbury and, as one of a group of friends who booked the band to play, town hairdresser Pat was one of the privileged few who shared a meal with John, Paul, George and Ringo before their show at the Bridge Hotel.

Those Beatles Shropshire songs in full:
  • Hard Day's Knighton*
  • Here Comes the Clun
  • Long Mynd Sally
  • Things Clee Said Today
  • Ludlow Submarine
* I know, but Knighton railway station is in Shropshire.


Richard T said...

But Tenbury's in Worcestershire you salopian imperialist.

Jonathan Calder said...

Er, Give My Regards to Broadway?