Friday, September 25, 2009

Mr John Harris: An apology

In recent days we may have inadvertently given the impression that we do not have the highest regard for John Harris as a journalist. Headlines such as John Harris was a teenage Labour hack may have contributed to this unfortunate and unintended state of affairs.

We are happy to make it clear that we regard Mr Harris as quite simply the finest writer of his generation. Take, for instance, this passage from his contribution to the Guardian's Good conference, bad conference feature on the Lib Dems at Bournemouth:
Hats off to ... the brilliantly idiosyncratic folks gathered around the ginger group Liberator, who rightly treasure an underrated aspect of this lot: their internal democracy, which makes a mockery of the big two party's annual bunfights, and Labour's squashing of its membership and activists in particular.
We apologise if we have given any reader a misleading impression as to our opinion of Mr Harris.

We also like his haircut.

Subscription information on the Liberator website.

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