Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heresy Corner on Roman Polanski

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Neither at the time, nor during the subsequent decades, has Polanski expressed the slightest contrition for his offence - nor, indeed, has he even accepted that he did anything wrong. He has, however, expressed a great deal of self-pity. He has repeatedly painted himself as the injured party.

And many of the leading lights of the film industry supported and continue to support him. Not only has he been allowed to continue his career in exile, he has been lauded, garlanded with honours in Europe and America, won an Oscar, been defended by the great and the good - and now that the law has finally caught up with him, his arrest has been denounced by the French minister of culture as an abuse of process.


Rankersbo said...

"Heresy" corner being a misnomer in the case of this post.

wolfi said...

Maybe for people in the film business this is "normal behaviour" - just been thinking of Woody Allen

Frank Little said...

In principle, I agree with all this, but the victim - who is now a mature mother-of-three - said some time ago that she wanted to see the charges dropped so that she could put the whole business behind her.