Thursday, September 24, 2009

An interview with Spencer Davis

The Leicester Mercury ran an interview with Spencer Davis in the run up to his concert with the Animals last Saturday:

Earning a place at Birmingham University proved to be the catalyst for the band and Davis recalls travelling to the north of the city to check out a talented 15-year-old – Steve Winwood.

"What I saw was a unbelievable talent," said Davis. "It was like Oscar Petersen and Ray Charles rolled into one and along with Steve's brother, Muff, and Pete York we formed the band.

"We had a lot of hits, we played live on Ready Steady Go and they were great times."


spencer used cars said...

I can't believe how talented Winwood is!

Jonathan Calder said...

See, spammers? All you've got to do is say something nice about Steve Winwood and I let your comment stand.

sharo said...