Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dominic Carman on the Barnsley Central by-election

The Lib Dem candidate at Barnsley Central gives his impressions of the campaign - and a distinctly unflattering portrait of the town - on the Daily Mail site:
In towns like Barnsley, where the Lib Dems once harvested votes as a party of protest, they now attract derision as a party of government.

It goes with the territory. The Lib Dems are learning that power brings not only responsibility, but contempt.


John Minard said...

He's a superb candidiate and I hope this defeat doesn't follow him around. If there is a Lib Dem safe seat, he deserves a go next time.

Ian Ridley said...

Hang on, "harvested"? Even given Labour's problems last May we only got 17.3% of the vote - only 6 votes ahead of the Tories in 3rd.

Good old Daily Fail

crewegwyn said...

I had concerns re Mr Carman's candidature from the outset - he does seem a little over-committed to a "stop the bnp" platform, and his background may have not made him a 'natural' for Barnsley.

Jon said...

If Dominic had stood as an independent, I'd say so what? A grammar school and Durham boy who has an instinctive dislike for the lower classes would be nothing new.

As a Lib Dem, however, that kind of sneering vitriol does noone any favours. Contempt for your constituents is more of a Tory / Labour thing.