Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gary Hunt chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of Leicester

Leicester Liberal Democrats chose their candidate in Leicester first Mayoral election at the weekend. He is Gary Hunt, a councillor for Knighton ward on Leicester City Council.

Gary told the Leicester Mercury:
"I believe my 24 years as a councillor, time on the regional development agency and running a business gives me a unique insight into Leicester."
He is the third candidate to be selected by a major party. Ross Grant will stand for the Conservatives and Sir Peter Soulsby for Labour. A number of independents, including David Bowley, have also announced their intention to stand.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr Hunt can find other ways to be humiliated, less onerous one, how about just standing naked in the Narborough Road and pouring a bucket of shit over his head.

crewegwyn said...


Your comment says far more about yourself than it does about Gary Hunt.