Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Six of the Best 140

Richard Morris take A View from Ham Common and finds he rather likes Stephen Williams' plan for distributing shares in the banks that were rescued by the taxpayer: "the government may well get a greater return on its investment than a 'conventional' privatisation as well, and everybody, not just those with capital to invest, owns the banks".

A Scottish Liberal reflects on a year of blogging.

"Hundreds of witnesses and suspects have already been interviewed, right up to the highest levels in the former HBOS, as part of what has been described as 'the largest fraud investigation in UK history' by one of the police officers involved." Naked Capitalism on a story that has barely been covered in the mainstream media.

Isabel Ashdown considers Twitter etiquette: when should you follow and when should you unfollow?

"Take a tour with an ex miner around Snibston's former colliery buildings, visit a restored mill at Hough Hill at Swannington, search for the houses built from giant bricks at Measham, or find the framework knitters' cottages with long narrow windows in Melbourne." Go Leicestershire invites us to explore the industrial heritage of North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire.

Meanwhile, Ancient Hackney has found three stone circles in the borough.

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