Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spencer Davis Group: Stevie's Blues

It was my birthday on Friday, so I am allowed a Spencer Davis Group track.

In the course of an interview with Steve Winwood that is a bit on the exhaustive side even for me, Vintage Guitar Magazine says:
Probably the best example of Winwood’s guitar playing from his Spencer Davis years is “Stevie’s Blues” – almost inexplicably authentic and mature, with a gutsy, distorted guitar tone that’s amazing even by today’s standards.


Nick said...

Fabulous track, thanks.

Gene Santoro in his book Stir it Up paints a picture of Winwood as a sporadically brilliant, but all too often inconsistent performer.

I`m no expert, I must admit. What do others think ?

Unknown said...

This track was my introduction to the blues when I bought the single. From there I read Paul Olivers History of the Blues and the rest is...well, history. The tone sOundle to me very much like that used by Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers. Who did it first I wonder. Great track whatever.

Anonymous said...

I had this single... love it
In the A side: Keep on Running ��