Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Six of the Best 143

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Pack looks at the party's influence on today's Budget: "George Osborne’s previous strange absence from the debate was put to rest when he announced a series of pieces of good news on the Green Investment Bank: starting a year earlier, £2 billion more in funds and, crucially, it can borrow."

Caron's Musings asks if anyone likes Nick Clegg's concept of "alarm clock Britain". Judging by the Lib Dem twittersphere and blogosphere, the answer is no.

Again on Liberal Democrat Voice, Dominic Carman explains why he wants to be our  candidate as Mayor of London. Whatever his faults, for many Lib Dem members he will have one overriding virtue: he is not Lembit Opik.

The Big Society has been flourishing in Liverpool for years, argues Richard Kemp.

The New York Times has a good obituary of Elizabeth Taylor: "Her co-star was Mickey Rooney, a more experienced actor, and he gave her some advice on how to summon up tears: pretend that her father was dying, that her mother had to wash clothes for a living and that her little dog had been run over. Hearing that sad scenario, Ms. Taylor burst out laughing at the absurdity."

Diversions by Barry Booth is a 1968 LP with lyrics by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Andrew Hickey will tell you more.

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