Sunday, March 27, 2011

Six of the Best 144

Should the Coalition abandon its public spending cuts in the fact of yesterday's demonstration? No, says Free Radical.

Bagehot of The Economist attended the Labour Party's "People's Policy Forum" in Nottingham on Friday: "The speakers reeled off, with expert ease, the names of the programmes and allowances and schemes that they currently use, or work with. This was Gordon Brown’s social democratic client state on parade. Inside the walls of the policy forum, all public spending was good, and private companies exist to pay more taxes."

Stephen's Liberal Journal is sad that Hugh O'Donnell ("the voice of common sense") is leaving the Liberal Democrats.

"Lawrence was a ground-breaking, revolutionary writer in his subject matter, in the way he wrote and in the language which he used." The Solitary Walker looks forward to the new television adaptation of Women in Love.

The New History Lab offers a history of Leicester in 10 objects.

Finally, a warm Liberal England to an important new website: LibDems Who Point. "Are you a LibDem who points? Have you found the ultimate evil miscreant pothole, tree root, pile of snow, patch of graffiti or pile of litter? If so, we want to know about it and help you in your battle to name and shame it." Remember: where we point, we win.

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