Sunday, March 06, 2011

Six of the Best 139

Caron's Musings reports from the Scottish Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Perth: "As party members, we'd been encouraged by Conference Committee to go and chat to any protesters who turned up. In fact, I know that some party people had even given them the string to tie their placards to the railings because they didn't have any."

The Lib Dems must fight the coming Leicester South by-election hard, argues Jonathan Fryer.

"Nick Clegg’s and David Law’s realignment of the Liberal Democrats as a right of centre libertarian party appears to be giving confidence to Tory voters to trust them in their traditional heartlands while making Labour the only left of centre show in town." David Hencke speculates on the possibility of a "seismic shift" in British politics.

How much power should NHS health visitors have? asks gingerliberal, examining a case in Gillingham.

thinking liberal has been to see Nicolas Roeg's 1970 film Walkabout.

The original Underground station at Euston, demolished in 1934, is featured on Exploring 20th Century London.

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