Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eddie McCreadie on Billy Bremner: Football's Good Old Days

I am old enough to remember a time when Chelsea left backs did not shoot people: they just kicked them in the throat.

This, er, robust tackle by Eddie McCreadie on Billy Bremner was made in the FA Cup final replay at Old Trafford in 1970. Note that the referee waves play on and Peter Osgood and Ian Hutchinson (who both died some years ago) almost score at the other end.

Chelsea won the game 2-1. You may be surprised to learn that most neutrals were pleased because, next to Don Revie's Leeds, they were seen as the good guys.


Frank Little said...

But what about Harris and Webb?

Jonathan Calder said...

Good, robust defenders both.

Mark said...

A modern day referee recently reviewed that game and decided that it would have ended up as a 5 a side match if refereed by today's standards!