Friday, March 18, 2011

Lib Dem gain in Tunbridge Wells will increase Tory jitters over UKIP

Last night the Liberal Democrats gained the Pembury ward of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council from the Conservatives.

That result in full...

Claire Brown (Lib Dem) 578
Robert Rutherford (Con) 450
Victor Webb (UKIP) 297

This is not such a surprise as the ward has been Liberal Democrat in the past. And, as the recent Shrewsbury result showed, it is still possible for us to make gains from the Conservatives in areas where we have a history of campaigning.

What is notable here is that is may have been the intervention of UKIP that cost the Conservatives the seat. At least that is how it will be seen by right-wing Conservatives and increase their disquiet about the concessions that were necessary in order for David Cameron to obtain his coalition deal.


Richard Morris said...

It's also iain dale's (twitter @iaindale) home village

Anonymous said...

Labour didn't put up a candidate. The LibDems were seen as the least worst option.