Thursday, March 03, 2011

Six of the Best 138

"Attacking on the deficit only drives the Lib Dems towards the Tories. Preparing for what will happen next would be a more realistic approach for Miliband if he wants to drive a wedge between these friends," argues Olly Grender in her latest New Statesman blog.

David Boyle, on the New Economics Foundation blog, asks what is most important about public services. The answer, he says, is not whether it is owned publicly, privately or in the voluntary sector.

Max Atkinson announces the judges and the shortlisted entries for his Defend a Doomed Dictator Speechwriting Competition.

Toby Young has received the green light to go ahead with his West London Free School.

Adam Tinworth on One Man and his Blog reports on a debate held at the RSA under the title "The Death of the English Village?"

"Then, one night in July 2000, Dorsey realized that by combining these tools he could do for himself what he had spent years helping taxis and couriers do: declare where he was and what he was doing. That evening, he wrote some code that enabled him to have an e-mail re-posted to as many people as he wanted. He entered the e-mail addresses of five friends into the software, and took a walk in Golden Gate Park. In an e-mail’s subject line he wrote, “I’m at the Bison Paddock watching the bison." Vanity Fair profiles Jack Dorsey, the man who invented Twitter.

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