Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ed Miliband supports spending cuts

Here is Ed Miliband making his first speech as Labor leader to the party's annual conference last September:
Let me say, I believe strongly that we need to reduce the deficit.

There will be cuts and there would have been if we had been in government.
Some of them will be painful and would have been if we were in government.
I won’t oppose every cut the coalition proposes.

There will be some things the coalition does that we won’t like as a party but we will have to support.

And come the next election there will be some things they have done that I will not be able to reverse.

I say this because the fiscal credibility we earned before 1997 was hard won and we must win it back by the time of the next general election.
Whether he will say the same thing today remains to be seen.

Later. He did, sort of:
He was heckled by a small number of protesters when he said that "some cuts" were needed, but most people applauded his speech.

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