Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leicester Labour at each other's throats

It is an open secret that all is not sweetness and light in Leicester Labour Party, particularly following the blatant way in which Jonathan Ashworth was parachuted in to fight the forthcoming by-election in Leicester South.

Even so, an account of the latest meeting of the Labour group on the city council, published on the blog of the Leicester Mercury's political correspondent David MacLean, makes remarkable reading:
A row between a local councillor and a political figure came close to the pair landing blows on each other because of the intense fury, a cabinet member claimed.

Meanwhile a different cabinet member, it is alleged, was left tearful after witnessing the “bullying and arrogance” of one Labour faction. “I can’t put up with this for any longer,” they were heard to say.”

Other claims were made which, even if published as blind items on this blog, would stray into dangerous legal waters.
David's blog will be worth following in the weeks leading up to the by-election.

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