Saturday, August 10, 2013

Former adviser accuses David Cameron of cowardice

From tomorrow's Observer:
David Cameron's vision of a compassionate Conservatism has been lost in a lurch to the right, according to the prime minister's former adviser who coined the "hug a hoodie" line.
Danny Kruger, Cameron's former speechwriter, said the prime minister had allowed his ambitions to be hijacked by a rhetoric centred on "bashing burglars and sending immigrants home", instead of an optimistic agenda that would benefit communities. 
Kruger said Cameron had lost his pre-election drive and energy and that his reforming programme, including the "big society" ethos, had fallen victim to cowardice in the face of criticism from the media and his own backbenchers.
Speaking as someone who had great hopes of the coalition, I agree with every word.

David Cameron's unwillingness to stand up for what he once claimed to believe is one of the principal causes of the widespread disenchantment with the Coalition among Liberal Democrat activists.

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