Sunday, August 11, 2013

Python Lee Jackson: In a Broken Dream

Usually I have these Sunday music videos planned a week or two in advance, but sometimes I decide to just let it happen and plan on using something I have heard in the week before the posting is due.

This was going to be one of those weeks. And the reason for this choice is that the husband in the couple running my bed and breakfast here in Bishop's Castle played on this track.

Python Lee Jackson were an Australian band, but the singer on this is Rod Stewart. He originally recorded it in 1970, when it was not a hit. But after the success of Maggie May it was re-released and reached no. 3.

Where does my landlord come in? He was working for Young Blood Records, whose owner Miki Dallon was not happy with the outcome of the original session. So he paid my landlord to overdub some Hammond organ on it.

He was paid a flat fee for this (and part of that may have been for moving the organ) and does not know how much of his work was used on the final record.

You hear stories like this all the time, and In a Broken Dream is a song that seems to attract myths. But I was shown the acetate of the original session at breakfast this morning, so I know this one is true.

I once met a very nice musician in the Long Mynd Hotel at Church Stretton who told me he had played the drums for Vanity Fare when Hitchin' a Ride was on Top of the Pops. I hope that was true too.

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