Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Rutland councillors not cowed by their council's threat to sue them

The three Rutland Anti-Corruption Group councillors - who joined UKIP very publicly but no longer mention that party on their website - have hit back at the county council's decision to sue them.

Their 4Rutland website reprints the letter their solicitor has sent to Rutland County Council. Here is just a taste:
Your client will ... be well advised to immediately withdraw its instructions to you. Should your client continue its ill-conceived pursuit of me in any form, including action under the Pre-Action Protocol, it will be an abuse of its power. Should your client instigate proceedings, I shall, at the appropriate time, apply to strike out on the basis that your client has no reasonable grounds for bringing the claim and/or it is an abuse of the process.
Later. Martin Brookes alerts us to the fact that the councillors have now reposted their statement about joining UKIP.

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