Monday, August 05, 2013

Six of the Best 375

Photo by Guinnog
Frack Off offers daily reports from Balcombe.

The "Realos" vs "Fundis" debate misses the point for the Liberal Democrats, argues Cicero's Songs.

"Clegg's speeches are full of exhortations about showing that we’re serious about power and refusing the comfort of opposition.  Less subtle are a string of newspaper articles which a suspicious mind might attribute to leadership stirring.  Self-identified supporters of Clegg frequently attack internal critics of government policies as being insufficiently realistic, dedicated to the necessities of coalition, or ‘serious’ about being in government, preferring juvenile oppositionism." underthewesternfreeway also looks at internal party debates.

Orkney is an archaeologist's paradise, says Francis Pryor.

"The town of Krasnokamianka in Crimea, Ukraine is a scenic place surrounded by forested mountain slopes, gardens, vineyards, and red stone – for which the area is renowned. However, underground there is something arguably much more sinister. During the Soviet occupation, subterranean tunnels and chambers were built in Krasnokamianka to host an arsenal of nuclear weapons." Environmental Graffiti has pictures of the site.

Whistlerian visits Leighton House in Holland Park, which was the home of the Victorian artist Lord Leighton and is now a museum.

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