Friday, August 30, 2013

Six of the Best 381

Toddler in a pedal car
A banker yesterday
Amy Davidson in The New Yorker is very good on David Cameron's Commons defeat and the lessons for President Obama: "Obama can’t win this the way that Cameron lost it: by talking as though he is the only one acting according to principle, and that those who disagree just haven’t seen enough pictures of the effects of chemical weapons. There are principles at work in wondering whether something that feels satisfying but causes more death and disorder is right, too. The real Cameron trap is thinking that a leader can go to war personally and apolitically, without having a good answer when asked what’s supposed to happen after the missiles are fired."

Tim Harford ("The Undercover Economist") says it is time for banking's petulant toddlers to grow up. And he's right.

Carl Minns offers a partial defence of Jamie Oliver. He's right too.

"We need to think big and work to make a natural childhood a reality for all under 12s in London," argues Judy Ling Wong on Outdoor Nation.

Bored Panda has some charming pictures of an abandoned house in the woods that has been taken over by animals.

A wonderful collection of Leicester pubs lost since 1980, courtesy of chrisdpyrah on Flickr.

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