Friday, August 02, 2013

The Naylor family tomb at Kelmarsh

This monstrosity in phallic pink granite is the cap of the family vault belonging to Richard Christopher Naylor, a Liverpool banker, cotton trader and horse racing enthusiast who owned Kelmarsh Hall from 1864 until his death in 1898.

St Denys, Kelmarsh, is very much a church belonging to the big house. The Naylor and Lancaster family graves are well tended, while other parts of the churchyard are almost derelict.

And in the porch is a notice saying that the large rural parish of which it now forms part is to be left without a vicar for the next five years.


Anonymous said...

This monstrosity is our family grave. What is the point of your photo and comments? It is hardly the Naylors fault that there is to be no vicar for five years. The living congregation have to pay their share, literally and metaphorically. The Naylors restored the church in their time at Kelmarsh over 100 years ago but they cannot be expected to keep it alive from the grave.

Anonymous said...

I would add that R.C.Naylor won the Derby with his horse, Macaroni in 1863 and put on a bet of 10,000 guineas at 10 to 1.The proceeds of 100,000 guineas, over £10 million or more today were given to the poor of Liverpool.You might at least research this.Yes, I am also a descendant and take issue with your disparaging comments.

Jonathan Calder said...

That is very interesting. If you would like to write me a guest post about him, then please drop me a line.

The Naylor family sold Kelmarsh Hall long ago, so I am not holding it responsible for anything there today - except that shiny pink granite tomb.

Anonymous said...

Richard Christopher Naylor also owned Hooton Hall on the Banks of the rivery Mersey.

Jen Howitt said...

Hi there, I am from Hooton in Cheshire and have been researching the history of Hooton Hall. @anonymous I am fascinated by Richard Naylor & Hooton Hall. Do you have any stories or information about the Hall that you would be willing to share?
If so, I can provide my contact details. I would be very excited to talk to you.