Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why is Team Clegg spinning against Vince Cable?

We all, of course, love Nick Clegg, but is a long time since I saw a quote attributed to his "friends" that did not make them sound rather unpleasant.

Conservative Home kindly reprints the opening of an article from behind The Sun paywall:
Cable’s hopes of becoming Lib Dem leader have been scuppered by the economic recovery, allies of Nick Clegg have declared. The Business Secretary has made no secret of his wish to succeed Mr Clegg, despite turning 70 in May. But he was left “humiliated” after fellow ministers backed Government spending limits at a recent Lib Dem away day, sources have told The Sun. A source close to Mr Clegg said: “The good doctor has been well and truly put back in his box.”
That article was published morning. Mr Clegg, his friends and sources should have better things to do than brief against one of the more effective Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers.

And a note to those about to say we should not believe what we read in The Sun. If I were looking for a way to increase sales of a newspaper, inventing stories about the Liberal Democrats would not be high on the list.
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James said...

I distinctly remember Team Clegg being so worried about their man's profile and lack of gravitas that the all posters for the 2010 election featured a certain
Dr Cable alongside the dear leader.

Anyway, after all this deeply unpleasent back-biting, I suspect it will be Vince having the last laugh....

Unknown said...

Those backing Nick Clegg are burying the party. The lot leading the party today are like New Labour under Tony Blair. They chase the smoke and mirrors. The vote on Syria relfects the residual poison from New Labour. That is the type of politics that Nick Clegg and the Clegg (bandits there are not enough 'babes') represent. Sorry what seems a sexist play on words. The party is being stolen before our eyes and we are not sufficiently enraged.

Alan Winter said...

Just to thank Clegg etc for excerpts of "A Record of Delivery - What the Liberal Democrats have achieved in Government" featured on the back page of a by-election leaflet in Dunstable this week. 4,400 lealfets delivered by the loyal. 35 votes received. All we need to do now is identify those voters and we should be able to sign up three new members!