Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hear 'Jeremy Thorpe is Innocent' live

Last year I posted a video of that punk classic Jeremy Thorpe is Innocent by The Surprises.

Today a member of the group (Chickenbone John) left a comment on that post, giving the exciting news that the band is to play together in Birmingham on 5 September:
Re-union gig for The Surprises..supporting our old mates Dangerous Girls. Personally I'm amazed that we are all still alive..let alone talking to one another..but thanks to the miracle of's happening. I know, it's all a bit sad, a bunch of 50 year old punks..but what the hell!!
There are not a lot of details, but keep an eye on Chickenbone John's website. You can contact him through it too.


TA Gilbert said...

Chickenbone John. Have the decency to get the poor man's pseudonym right... :-)

Jonathan Calder said...

How very punk of you. :)

I have changed his name in the post.