Friday, August 16, 2013

Six of the Best 377

Linda Jack on Liberal Democrat Voice argues that it's time for the Lib Dems to restate who we are and what we stand for. Read the comments too.

"It is hard to characterise the ban on "gay propaganda" that the Putin regime has decreed as being anything except a witch hunt against a small, unpopular and vulnerable minority in Russian society," says Cicero's Songs.

Next New Deal shows that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a late convert to Keynesian economics.

"Women may have actually invented overarm bowling and could be the first cricketers to use a non-red cricket ball, long before the men's game sampled the white balls that we now see in one-day and twenty20 cricket." On the Lord's website, Zoe English looks at women's role in the history of the game.

Jerome K. Jerome spends much of his childhood in Poplar, finds Isle of Dogs Life.

This Charming Charlie pairs Peanuts cartoons with Smiths lyrics.

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