Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Market Harborough floods: The aftermath

From the very first Lord Bonkers' Diary, published in Liberator in 1990 (before most economic liberals were born):
A quiet day at home dusting my library and worming the setters. My visit to Southport has led me to ponder the benefits that tourism can bring to a town. If all we hear of global warming and the threat to the ozone layer is true (although I have to say that we managed very well without one in my day, and who is to say that we were any the less happy for it?), soon much of Eastern England will be flooded and Market Harborough will awake one morning to find that it has become a seaside resort. 
In preparation for this day, I urge a local councillor of my acquaintance to persuade the Council to build a pier and lay in a generous stock of peppermint rock. Perhaps the time has come when I should consider taking my Gladstone's Patent Gentleman's Bathing Suit out of its mothballs? 

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