Friday, August 23, 2013

Nick Clegg found alive!

At last the Liberal Democrat leader has spoken out on David Miranda's detention and the destruction of the Guardian's computers.

An article by him has appeared on the Guardian website and will be in tomorrow's paper:
So a balance must be struck between a libertarian "anything goes" approach, which sees new technology as a way to escape from the reach of the law, and an authoritarian view that sees technology as a new opportunity to intrude into our lives. Technology will continue to evolve and governments worldwide will try to evolve with it. As long as Liberal Democrats are in government, I will ensure that our individual rights are not cast aside in the name of collective security.
He does not sound much like the Lib Dem leader who once vowed to go to prison rather than carry an ID card, but at least he has realised the importance of speaking out on these issues.


Anonymous said...

Vintage Clegg - and what an almighty load of crap it is!

Does the man buy meaningless cliches by the hundredweight? His only concern appears to be to avoid saying anything that _means_ anything, and to avoid at all costs taking any principled stance whatsoever.

To appear to be so absolutely stupid must surely reflect some kind of genius.

Jane Leaper said...

At least he has realised the importance of speaking out on these issues."

Well look on the bright side.

It's a bit late for Clegg to have a Niemöller moment isn't it?

In his article he justifies his endorsement of the destruction of the Guardian's hard drives on the basis that the date on the put national security and lives at risk. This is the data given by a man now seeking asylum in Russia to an American journalist resident in Brazil. Has neither he nor the British security services ever heard the word 'back-up'?

Then he explains that as a result of the destruction of the drives the Guardian hasn't had to be censored.


So the leader of the party that has done most to protect civil liberties in the last couple of decades manages to present himself as a technologically incompetent Big Brother.

What is wrong with the man?

Anonymous said...

As ever, is calamity Clegg a British citizen looking out for the best of British people or as ever is he looking for his future pension options within the EU, paid for my the UK taxpayer.