Monday, August 03, 2015

Leicester's cat cafe reviewed

A cat yesterday
Saturday saw the opening of Leicester's first cat cafe and Clarendon Spark was there:
I found it interesting that our fellow guests in the cafĂ© were themselves all owners of multiple cats. On the surface it seems a little eccentric to pay £15 to sit in the same room as some cats when you’ve got a few perfectly good ones of your own at home. 
On reflection though, I can see the attraction. It’s not just about spending time with the cats, it’s about meeting other cat lovers and talking about cats and sharing cat stories – in other words the whole feel-good package of fluffy, furry, feline fabulousness.
Years ago I was in a tea shop in Rye in East Sussex and the owners' cat insisted on settling on my table. I had to keep assuring the owners that I didn't mind at all and actually rather liked it.

I may even have said "You should charge extra." If I did, then I can claim to have invented the concept of the cat cafe.

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