Sunday, August 30, 2015

“We are not going to win the Tory vote. Nor should we try to.”

Thank you to Julie Hesmondhalgh - an excellent actress but perhaps less of a political strategist - for laying bare the weakness of Corbynism.

A move to the left may help shore up Labour's vote against the threat of the Greens and the Farronite Liberal Democrats.

It may even stave off the threat of Ukip, as that party's voters are notably left-wing on the economy. I doubt, though, that they will take kindly to Islington-style social policies.

But a Corbyn-led Labour Party will have little chance of winning over Conservative voters - the sort of Conservative voters who liked Tony Blair and helped him win three general elections.

No doubt the Corbynites will pinning their hopes on people who do not usually vote. But that strategy is unlikely to prove successful.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceIn my experience, people who do not usually vote do not usually vote.

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