Monday, August 10, 2015

Six of the Best 530

Phil Reilly remembers The Siege of Cowley Street: "Going into government was a hell of an adjustment for Cowley Street staffers like me who joined a party that had been out of office for 70 years with no expectation that we would be bucking that trend now. Becoming full-blown hate figures, savaged in newspapers, mocked on late night comedy panel shows and, now, raged against by the angry mob, felt like an out of body experience. We were supposed to be the nice guys."

Britain’s global influence will fade if it turns itself into an Atlantic Singapore, argues Lucy Thomas.

The United States is made up of 11 separate nations, explains Matthew Speiser.

Colin Horgan says we are living through a golden age of children's movies - it's just that they don't have any children in them.

Why is there no NE or S London postal district? Londonist has the answer.

"For any other player, it would have been enough. But he didn't want to be just another player, and the fans now wanted more from him. They demanded he become the legend they, and he, wanted." Jarrod Kimber on how Australia never quite fell in love with Michael Clarke.

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