Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Six of the Best 529

Never mind the increase in tuition fees: more students than ever from poor backgrounds are going to university. Or are they? Peter Horrocks says think again.

Duncan Campbell tells the story of a life spent unmasking Britain's eavesdroppers.

Andy Boddington reports a breakthrough in the battle for affordable housing in Shropshire and other rural areas.

Africa has half as many lions as 20 years ago, but don't blame trophy hunting say Lochran Traill and Norman Owen-Smith.

"When the lights are dipped, Macgowan actually seems to be Savile. God knows how, but he even captures the bulging eyes, the indulgent slouch, the sense of flipped switches that Savile constantly conveyed. One moment boasting and bullying, the next retreating into a passive-aggressive haze of cigar smoke." Guy Mankowski reviews An Audience With Jimmy Savile.

Lemon Wedge revisits the great Ealing drama It Always Rains on Sunday. "This is the East End at the nadir of post-war austerity; everything’s on the ration and everyone's on the make. 'A dose of salts or a good hiding' is the answer to any domestic difficulty."

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