Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Sun names some of the 11 new Liberal Democrat peers

An 'exclusive' from SunNation this evening:
The Sun can reveal they will include at least two ex-MPs thrown out by voters at the general election three months ago, Lorely Burt and Lynn Featherstone. 
Three long-serving Lib Dem grandees who stood down as MPs in May – Sir Alan Beith, Sir Menzies Campbell, and Sir Malcolm Bruce – are also being enobled, alongside defeated ex-MEP Sharon Bowles and Mr Clegg’s former chief of staff Jonny Oates.
The report also says that Danny Alexander and Vince Cable will be knighted.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
Later. The full list of Lib Dem peers is here.

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Mark Thompson said...

Sharon Bowles wasn't "defeated" as The Sun claims. She stood down. That's sloppy journalism.