Monday, August 31, 2015

Six of the Best 535

© Dani Kropivnik
Amanda Taub says German Chancellor Angela Merkel did something really good this week: "Her country will now allow Syrian refugees, who normally would be deported back to wherever they first entered the European Union, to stay and apply for asylum. Thousands of Syrians who would have otherwise faced uncertainty in Europe can now begin the process of rebuilding their lives in Germany."

Jeremy Corbyn misunderstands the situation in Ukraine, argues Halya Coynash.

Rob Parsons asks if the number of graduates working in non-graduate jobs is a sign of overqualification or an underperforming economy.

"The fight to save the Gladstone Arms is a small part of a much bigger fight: to save the life and soul of London, and to uphold values greater and more enduring than money." Three cheers for Peter Oborne and Anne Williams.

The return of pine martens to England could lead to a resurgence of red squirrels. Emma Sheehy looks at the evidence.

Sarah Miller Walters looks at what the Carry On stars did in World War II. Some of them were at it for years.

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