Friday, August 28, 2015

Tesco abandons its plans for a Market Harborough superstore

I hope it does not go ahead.
I wrote that in September 2013 when news broke that Tesco was planning a large out-of-town store in Market Harborough.

Today came news that the supermarket chain has abandoned those plans.

For the reasons outlined in that earlier post, I am glad.

Market Harborough is still growing. Ignore all those plaints about Nimbys: the council and residents can do little about it.

So there may come a time soon when the town's population is too big to be served by its centre.

I get the impression that has happened in both Northampton and Cambridge, and it does not make shopping in either a pleasant experience.

If it happens in Harborough then we shall have to look at encouraging out-of-town development.

But shopping patterns are changing, and it may be that an out-of-town store will never be built here at all.

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