Saturday, August 01, 2015

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Just two blogs joined the LibDemBlogs aggregator in July, but they were both good ones. Many thanks to Ryan Cullen for sending me the list.

My Liberal Expressions is written by Mavarine du-Marie, who describes herself as a Liberal Democrat, I-feminist (individualistic feminist) and holistic in approach.

She writes on the fall of Lord Sewel:
I dislike the fact that sex (normally private and consented) is used to bring about someone’s downfall, that is, where none other could be found in their professional life. So if those who want reform in the second chamber, you are going to have to find honorable methods in convincing others that change is not likely to come about from unsavory tactics, which smacks of another form corruption through an intended malice rather than a system being rotten to the core.
Blimey O'Reilly is written by Phil O'Reilly: "at times Nick Clegg's speechwriter, the party’s Head of Media, a much maligned No 10 SpAd and a writer of unfunny jokes, mixed metaphors and borderline unprofessional tweets".

He remembers a joke that Nick Clegg did not tell but Tim Farron did:
Nick had a whole riff in his speech about adjusting to life as a coalition partner to the Conservatives and I had written a bunch of gags, one of which went something like: "on the plus side, now that I work with Andy Coulson, I no longer have to check my own voicemails".
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