Sunday, August 16, 2015

Six of the Best 531

Jenni Hollis explains why she is standing for the Liberal Democrats in a Haringey byelection.

"Voting for Corbyn is gesture politics. It makes many on the left feel good about themselves and avoids the painful task of re-thinking policies and reconnecting beyond the base to the rest of the electorate", argues John Van Reenen.

Janet Biehl says Murray Bookchin warned about many of the environmental threats we now face back in 1962.

Nicholas Boys Smith on the gulf between the buildings that win architecture awards and those that  the public prefers.

"In its fantasy of escaping the rat race, it shared a theme with an equally successful comedy of the age, The Good Life. In this, [Reggie] Perrin was a relative of Tom and Barbara Good, only without their optimistic faith in a better alternative." Jonathan Feedland pays tribute to David Nobbs and the cultural importance of situation comedy.

Andrew Younger looks back at the 1970s British sci-fi fantasy series Sapphire and Steel.

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My daughter's take on Sapphire and Steel is funnier: