Monday, August 24, 2015

Six of the Best 533

Labour never decided whether its £3 supporters' rate was designed to turn its leadership election into an open primary or not, explains Nick Tyrone, and that is why it is in trouble now.

Christopher Salmon, police and crime commissioner for Dyfed-Powys, has some trenchant views on policing: "investigating crime is the police’s job, not a choice. That four out of five burglaries go unsolved suggests they need to up their game, not opt out of it".

Remember when blogrolls were a thing? Fred Clark does. And he wants to revive them.

Jordan Adcock looks at cinema's switch to digital projection.

"Sometimes in cricket you just know it's one man's day. Those days might come along once or twice in a career, but on that day, he can't miss." Geoff Lemon saw the Australians humbled by a fellow countryman in their warm up game against Northamptonshire.

Patrick Baty on the Hope Mausoleum in Dorking. Buried in the 1960s, it has been uncovered this year.

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