Friday, August 28, 2015

Six of the Best 534

William Wallace (Are
you sure about this? Ed.
Laura McInerney overhears someone learning to be homeless.

"We need to pitch our appeal for a liberal left distinct from whatever package Labour develops, and rebuild local bases which we can capture on another anti-Conservative swing. And we should not kid ourselves that many within the current Labour Party will welcome our efforts." William Wallace anticipates another phase of the ‘future of the left’ debate, whether or not Jeremy Corbyn emerges as Labour’s next leader.

Talking of which, Nick Cohen says: "Like many from the Left’s dark corners, Corbyn ... is concerned only with the rights of those whose oppression is politically useful. If the oppressed’s suffering can be blamed on the West, he will defend them. If not, he is on their enemies’ side."

Don't Chase the Wide Ones reviews Death of a Gentleman - a film on the politics of cricket.

"On the ground floor of the warehouse was a lean-to outhouse ,,, The contents were a mystery and I was dispatched to find a crowbar to prise open the padlocked door. When we opened the lean-to, it was stacked with books. The collector from Manchester reached inside and snatched one book at random. He opened it, turned to Asher and said, 'I’ll buy the whole contents.' The book he held in his hand was a rare antiquarian Hebrew tome printed in Venice and it turned out that the outhouse contained the stock from Moshe’s father’s bookshop in Warsaw, untouched for decades." Spitalfields Life remembers the Jewish bookshops of the East End.

Nichola Chester writes a love letter to North Devon (and Bude).

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