Thursday, September 10, 2020

Dismal turnout in Green Party leadership election

From Left Foot Forward:

The Green Party’s co-leadership team has been re-elected following a vote of members.

Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry were re-elected with 49% of the first preference votes. Rosi Sexton received 27% of first preference votes, while Shahrar Ali received 24% of first preferences.

A total of 7,503 ballots were across all the internal elections, giving a turnout of 16%, according to the party. There are nearly 48,000 members of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Turnout for the leadership – at around 14% – was the lowest since Natalie Bennett was elected unopposed in 2014.

I'm not gloating: the turnout in the recent Liberal Democrat leadership election was only 57.6 per cent. But this is dispiriting news for the Greens and for anti-Conservative politics in Britain more generally.

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