Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Six of the Best 956

"The story of Solidarity should also provide some hope for those of us who, four decades later, believe ourselves to be in politically impossible positions. There cannot be many more unlikely stories than the triumph of Solidarity, and the total collapse of the Communist empire it helped to bring about." Andrew Page marks the 40th birthday of the trade union that changed Polish history.

Oz Katerji argues that Jeremy Corbyn’s blunders over the Salisbury poisonings were central to his polling collapse.

"Cults, extremist political or religious ideologies and closed communities of all kinds draw their strength and their toxic influence by drawing people into an unhealthy relationship with leaders." Stephen Parsons looks at the mentality that lies behind recent scandals in the Church of England.

The New York Review of Books has an audio recording of a 2013 conference celebrating the work of the philosophers Isaiah Berlin, Stuart Hampshire and Bernard Williams.

A new archaeological dig began today at Shrewsbury Castle. Nigel Baker discusses what it may find, from  pre-Conquest chapel.to Thomas Telford's landscaping.

Luc Roeg discusses his father Nic's 1971 film Walkabout, which he appeared in as a small boy.

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