Saturday, September 26, 2020

Social Liberal Forum report on rebuilding the Lib Dems

Ian Kearns and Jon Alexander from the Social Liberal Forum have published 'Winning for Britain: Rebuilding the Lib Dems to change the course of our country'.

You can download the report from the SLF website.

If you are short of time then its most important conclusion is:

The path to a real breakthrough, allowing the party to play a significant role in removing the Conservatives from office while giving it a real say in what happens afterwards, is going to require several things: a rigorous understanding of the diverse voter coalition that needs to be built; a much deeper engagement with those voters, including facing into issues that may be outside the “comfort zone”; and the articulation of a distinctively liberal and progressive narrative about the future direction of this country that can span that coalition, inspire hope, and bring people together.

Kearns and Alexander have also written an article about their report for Liberal Democrat Voice.

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