Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Conservative Party is following the doomed path of all revolutionaries

Four years ago, after a meeting of Corbyn supporters had booed the name of Sadiq Khan, I wrote a post saying Corbyn's revolution was following the logic of all revolutions.

In it I quoted the philosopher and broadcaster Bryan Magee:

There is a situational logic to revolutions. Disparate groups unite to overthrow an existing regime, but once they have succeeded in doing so the cause that brought them together has gone, and they then fight one another to fill the power vacuum that they themselves have created. These internecine struggles, usually savage, among erstwhile allies perpetuate the revolutionary breakdown of society far beyond the overthrow of the old regime, and delay the establishment of a new order. 

As you can see from the tweet above, the same thing is now happening to the Conservatives.

Tim Montgomerie, as editor of Conservative Home and chief of staff of Iain Duncan Smith, was at the forefront of the revolution that saw the Conservative Party stop being Conservative and instead become an alliance between the forces of global capital and terminally aggrieved voters.

But that will not save him. It's off to the tumbrils in the morning.


nigel hunter said...

Yes,We win the revolution.Where do we go from hear?Wheedle out those amongst us who do not agree with us.The Nazis did that (Hitler killed Rohm his right hand man. Fascists got rid of them also.Where did that get the countries in the end? We are entering dangerous country.No laughing matter)

Anonymous said...

But this is increasingly the mentality in all parties, Lib Dems included. There has been much debate from various Lib Dems and Lib Dem-adjacent people about who should is secretly a Tory / who should give up and accept merger into Labour, who is a bigot or a reactionary pretending to be a liberal.

Any second now, politics will eat itself.