Sunday, September 27, 2020

Six of the Best 962

"Britain’s Higher Education system is experiencing something close to an existential crisis, perhaps even a moral or spiritual meltdown, because it no longer knows what it is for or where it should go." Public Policy and the Past says the universities' problems reach far beyond Covid.19.

George Smid, Lisa Brewin and Andrew Brown discuss the damage Brexit will do to farming in the East Midlands.

Hua Hsu asks how we can pay for creativity in the digital age.

"One business in particular arrived with a van to remove all their equipment on a Saturday, only to find they couldn't park outside due to the closure. They were so astonished to see the footfall that they reversed this decision which in itself has saved nearly 20 jobs." Frankie Adkins reports on the success of a pedestrianisation scheme.

Josh Jones introduces us to the CIA's Simple Sabotage Field Manual, which offers a timeless guide to subverting any organisation with purposeful stupidity.

The writer of the pilot episode of The Simpsons was then excluded from the writers' room for being a woman, reports Clarisse Loughrey.

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