Thursday, September 24, 2020

Download the new Liberator free of charge to read what's really going on in the Lib Dems

The new Liberator - the first online-only issue of the magazine - can be downloaded free, gratis and for nothing.

While you are on the Liberator website you can sign up for its email newsletter so you will know as soon as a new issue is posted.

The magazine always carries a wide range of articles, but I usually turn first to Radical Bulletin, which has news about the Liberal Democrats that you will not find anywhere else. 

This time, for instance, you can learn who funded the two leadership candidates' campaigns, what went wrong with the selection of the party's London mayoral candidate and how our internal disciplinary mechanism is being choked with minor complaints.

In case that all sounds good too be true, tomorrow I shall start posting Lord Bonkers' Diary from the new Liberator.

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