Monday, September 14, 2020

One Pair of Eyes: Alan Garner

 All Systems Go! was broadcast in 1973 as part of the BBC's documentary series One Pair of Eyes.

Celluloid Wicker Man says it:

feels more like a beautiful, art-house essay film, full of folklore and landscape, and soundtracked by Malcolm Clarke of the Radiophonic Workshop.  It not only puts Red Shift completely into perspective (having been made a whole six years earlier) but it is also an essential viewing for fans of Garner.

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Dougie said...

A visionary writer responsible for some of the most thought-provoking literature of last 60 years. As an English teacher I taught the brilliant Elidor for many years but his greatest achievement was The Owl Service. A weird and almost hallucinatory novel. I have written at length about the brilliant and strange 1969 TV adaptation in my blog at