Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Police may patrol Kent border after Brexit

Today's news that, as far as hauliers are concerned, there will be customs posts at the Kent border is not news as far as readers of this blog are concerned.

Because I wrote about it at the start of last month:
That's right. Brexit won't just introduce a hard border with our European neighbours: it will, as far as hauliers are concerned. introduce borders within the UK.

Why didn't business leaders speak out sooner? We heard little from during the referendum campaign.

I suspect they could not believe any government could be this mad.
At least the haulage industry is speaking up today.

Politics Home quotes Richard Burnett, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association:
"We already know this. It’s what we’ve been saying for many months. We know that traders and haulage operators will face new customs controls and processes and we know that if they haven’t completed the right paperwork their goods will be stopped when entering the EU.

"Mr Gove stresses that it’s essential that traders act now to get ready for new the formalities. We know for a fact that they are only too keen to be ready 

but how on earth can they prepare when there is still no clarity as to what they need to do?
"Government’s promises that the UK will be ready for business on 1 January are just a whitewash, and right now it appears that traders and haulage operators are being left to carry the can."

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