Sunday, September 06, 2020

Six of the Best 957

"It’s a crisis for education, but it’s also an opportunity to put everything on the table and consider ideas that would have been impossible before COVID. Outdoor school, long relegated to the Waldorf fringe, is getting a serious look. The pandemic is forcing conversations about equity in education, and both parents and teachers are asking how we can reimagine the school day to prioritise student well-being and mental health." Anna Nordberg asks if the Covid-19 pandemic could change education for the better.

James Rebanks on how to save British farming and the countryside.

David Graeber died a few days ago. Read him on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs.

James Robert Wood praises T.H. White's studies of the 18th century - and there's a mention for Shropshire's Mad Jack Mytton.

"I’m old-fashioned enough to think that for something to count as a cult, it should be dark, subterranean and bound up with sacred mysteries. On that definition, Penda’s Fen (1974) may be the only authentic cult TV I’ve come across." Robert Hanks celebrates David Rudkin's television play.

"He was a lovely man, a consummate professional and treated us as equals when clearly we were not. I consider myself very lucky to have played that day and witnessed a magnificent all round appearance both on and off the field." Stan Heaton pays tribute to the England cricketer David Capel.

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