Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Is social class the elephant in the Liberal Democrat room?

One of the best things about our party is that we are so sensitive to the many reasons that people can suffer discrimination.

Yet I cannot recall any Liberal Democrat blogger or tweeter noting that, after two consecutive Lib Dem leaders educated in state schools, this year saw a contest in which both candidates has been privately educated.

Is social class the elephant in the Liberal Democrat room?

At least 2020 did not see a contest where the two candidates had been to the same expensive school. This happened when Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne disputed the party leadership in 2007.


Anonymous said...

I think 'elephant' is putting it mildly. 'superheated city-sized asteroid sitting in a burning crater' might be closer.

Jonathan Calder said...

I'm afraid we don't have a big enough room for that these days.

Frank Little said...

In defence of Westminster School, it should be said that it has produced more than its fair share of disrupters from within the system; Flanders and Swann come immediately to mind. I see from wikipedia that Robert Hooke, Charles Wesley and Tony Benn were also alumni.

Jonathan Calder said...

Frank: I wrote a Lib Dem News column on that theme at the time - other Westminster alumni include Helena Bonham Carter and Shane MacGowan. But I'm not convinced the fact that Westminster produces interesting people is a full answer to my concerns about class and the Lib Dems. :-)

Phil Beesley said...

All parties need members who wash their hands *before* going to the toilet.