Saturday, June 25, 2022

An off spin masterclass from Graeme Swann

With the arguable exception of Derek Underwood, the greatest English spin bowler of my lifetime is Graeme Swann.

He was so good that England were happy to go into tests with only three seamers if he was in the side.

Not only that, he was made useful - and somehow infuriating to the opposition - runs at 8 or 9 and was a good slip fielder.

Here he discusses his career and the art of bowling off spin with Michael Atherton.

This is just the sort of analysis you want from a commentator but, with the notable exception this summer of Jeremy Coney, you are unlikely to get it from Test Match Special these days.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! He comes across as a really pleasant, thoughtful and intelligent person. I wish more professionals (in all walks of life, not just sport) were able to be so analytical about their performance.